Hello, I'm Jim Wingo, owner of blueline foto. My wife of 40 years (and high school sweetheart) and I enjoy good old country living just south of Kansas City near Harrisonville, Missouri. The most common question I get is "Where does the name blueline foto come from?" The answer is from my previous life, 32 years with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, what is often referred to as "the thin blue line." When I created blueline foto in 2012 it fulfilled a dream I had since high school.  But now it is a reality with a vision. 

So this is my vision. My first requirement with any session is to have fun and laugh as much as possible. I know those have nothing to do with photography, but frankly without those two things to look forward to, it's only a job. I seem to have difficulty getting serious about anything, with the possible exception of finding my misplaced coffee cup. My whole life I've believed that if you're not having fun at what you're doing, the quality of your work will naturally suffer.

Next is to bring out my own style to images that both you and the generations that follow will love to look at. It may not be for everyone, but then again, neither is Led Zepplin or bull riding. I invite you to browse our featured galleries and make your own decision if our style and creativity is what you're looking for. In short, our goal is to try and capture beautiful and creative images coupled with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Pretty simple really. 

So please call or email us so we can begin to tell your own story. We're just looking for a moment of your time.